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Welcome to Ogun RAAMP

The Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) has initiated the preparation of the Rural Access and Agricultural Marketing Project (RAAMP), the successor of the Second Rural Access and Mobility Project (RAMP-2). The project will be supported with financing from the World Bank and the French Development Agency (AFD) and will be guided by the Government’s Rural Travel and Transport Policy (RTTP).

The lead agency for the Federal Government is the Federal Department of Rural Development (FDRD) of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD). The Federal Project Management Unit (FPMU) is overseeing the project on behalf of FDRD, while the respective state government of thirteen (13) participating states will implement it.

The overall objective of RAAMP is to improve rural access and agricultural marketing in selected participating states whilst enhancing sustainability of the rural and state road networks.
Ogun State is one of the States selected to participate in RAAMP

Our Mandate

Components of the Project

The Nigeria road network is relatively dense consisting of about 194,000 km of roads. This includes 34,000 km of federal roads, 30,000 km of state roads and 130,000 km of registered rural roads.

The road density is about 0.21 km of roads per square kilometre. In spite of the relatively high road density, the rural accessibility index for Nigeria (defined as the proportion of the rural population living within 2 kilometres away from an all-weather road) is low, at only 25.5 percent, leaving about 92 million rural dwellers unconnected.

Rural access is limited where the poor population is concentrated. These considerations demand the expansion and improvement of rural road network, and, also, conservation of rural road/transport assets.

When there is rural access, there will be reduction in post harvest losses and farmers will get the right value for their produce.

Rehabilitation and Upgrade of Rural Transport Infrastructure - Rural connectivity program

Rehabilitation/upgrading of a package of about 2,260 kilometers of rural and state roads in all the 13 states (about 190 kilometers and 160 kilometers of roads each in the northern and southern states, respectively. The first project interventions will increase connectivity—improve access—to about 1,400 rural communities/villages and about 1,000 markets.

Connecting farms to rural agro-logistics centers

This includes establishing agro-logistics centers and supporting the improvement of farm level post-harvest tasks, establishing agro-logistics centers at strategic locations by upgrading the existing traditional markets, provision of technical advice and post-harvest implements and enhancing the performance of the agro-logistics centers

Establishing a State Road Fund and provision for maintenance of roads rehabilitated under the project

The studies and legislation of the State Road Fund and State and Rural Access Roads Administration, as well as the establishment of the Road Asset Management System will be financed under the block preparatory study and TA fund. The provision for maintenance could be used to rehabilitate additional roads if the State Road Fund is established and operationalized.

Institutional development, Road Safety and project management support

Institutional development and project management. Pilot Road Safety, Preparatory tasks and Climate Resilience:

Objectives of RAAMP

Improve Rural Access

To realize increased incomes for primary agricultural producers through reduction of post-harvest losses and the provision/rehabilitation of agro-hubs in Ogun State.

Improve Agricultural Marketing

Support for agro-logistics interventions that will reduce post-harvest losses.

Strengthening Financial & institutional Base

For sustainable management of the rural and state roads network.


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Ogun State RAAMP
Behind Block D,
State Secreteriate,
Abeokuta, Ogun State.

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